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Hi, I’m Kelly!

I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to visit this space. The Pruim Life was created back in 2014 in an attempt to share pieces of my heart and life, in the hopes that it might encourage or stir something up in others too.  You can get the full origin story here, but in short I felt the call to not keep silent about the ways that God was working in my life so that I didn’t rob him from receiving glory that He deserves. Plus, He was teaching me some pretty practical things that I thought others might benefit from knowing too. From that, this lifestyle blog was born.

After about a year and a half, in the midst of moving and life transitions, I took an unplanned, year-long hiatus from blogging as I invested more attention into my day to day living, but this space never left my mind. Making a return to blogging is still a work in progress as I figure out how it best fits into my life again, but I want to make room for sharing the ways God is revealing Himself to me and working on my heart – which beautifully unfolds in so many different ways. You can find out more about me below, or make yourself comfortable as you scroll through some of the archives (You can find a few of my favorite posts below to start you off). But no matter how long you stay, I’m just glad you are here!


my top ten favorite posts of the first year



I’m a twenty something that is still navigating through this thing called “growing up,” and all the milestones, challenges, & weirdness that come with it. & sometimes that means still discovering who I am, especially in light of Christ. I suppose that this space is something to help with all of that.

My greatest desire is that I could define myself best as a Christ follower. It’s a journey and a process, and I fail so ridiculously frequently at honoring Christ well, but I’m always learning what it means to live in His truly amazing grace and bring glory & honor to His name.


I’ve been married for 3+ years to the man that makes me laugh more than I can handle & gives me more grace than I deserve, but God started intertwining our story looong before that. It’s because of him that I hold the title of Air Force wife. We’re both Chicagoland natives that have learned time & again to let go of control of our lives and put them in God’s (& the Air Force’s) hands. We’re currently living in North Dakota, building a family of friends and investing in whatever roots we can until we move onward.

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We have an Australian Shepard that melts my heart on a daily basis with his cuteness & sweetness. Plus he knows how to high five, which we think is awesome. He’s our baby, and I am not ashamed one bit of how much I adore him.

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I have a thing for organizing everything, laughing hard, & eating ice cream. I believe in enjoying the simple things in life, investing in community, & living minimally to make room for what matters most. I love living life alongside others, but I also really value my alone time. I have a degree in Social Work that is currently put to use in my part time job with a youth mentoring program.


If you are interested in contacting me more privately about any of the content that is posted on The Pruim Life, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at thepruimlife@gmail.com.